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Meet AmayaFaux, 27 years old, brunette hair female

There are a lot of different things that turn me on, and I'd love to tell you all about them. There's nothing more important than making you feel good. Be sure to let me know how much you like what you see.

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Ever tasted a flavorful chilly chocolate? Well, in that case, you might have a vague idea about what it's like to have a sip from my cup of lustful presence. Mischievous, inventive, and rare, I am a zesty relish for the lips of the ones who know how to savor unique spices and tame the flames of a passionate woman. I enjoy bringing new horizons of pleasure your way, conquering one milestone at a time. It's not pleasing for me to be around self-absorbed people, who cannot see beyond themselves.

Model: livejasmin
Gender: female
Ethnicity: white
Age: 27
Size: large
Hair's color: brunette
Eyes color: blue
Languages: English
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